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Welcome to Runaway Acres

"The Way Farming Should Be"

Selling quality, registered Idaho Pasture Pigs pork and piglets! Plus pumpkins and eggs!


A true family farm...

First generation husband and wife homestead family farm.

We raise a little bit of everything, from children to pumpkins to pigs. We currently sell farm fresh, free range, all natural chicken and duck eggs, and pasture raised, heritage breed pork. We also sell pumpkins in the fall. We chose this life to teach our kids the value of humanely raised, natural food - and a hard day's work.


Everything We Offer

Free Range

Hormone Free


We pride ourselves in being a humane farm. Our chickens and ducks free range on our homestead. Our pigs are outside in large lots and pastures with plenty of space. We are the ones taking care of our animals every day. We believe in life cycles here on our farm. We use our animal waste as fertilizer for our garden, and our garden (and table) leftovers are fed to our pigs and chickens. We love our animals and spend time with them daily. We believe that if you eat meat, you owe it to the animal to give them the best life possible right up until harvest time. 

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